Types of Surveys Conducted During
the Handling of Cargo

Generally speaking, commodities are handled in an international trade flow as the following pattern shows:

Maker -> Exporter -> Carrier -> Importer -> End User

From time to time, disputes regarding the cargo arise amongst the interested parties that are related to the responsibility of each of the parties concerned. Therefore, to help in the solution of any dispute, the cargo will be surveyed by independent authorized companies to ascertain the quality, condition and quantity. The types of surveys that are conducted are listed below:

Condition Survey

Actual checking of the condition of the machine to be exported to Thailand

A condition survey is carried out at the time a commodity is to be exported to determine its condition as well as the condition of the packing to ensure that both conform to the terms of the contract. A condition survey is also carried out when the responsibility of the cargo is shifted from one party to another.


Loading Stowage Survey

Improper stowage can not only cause damage to the commodity but can also cause damage to the carrying vessel. Our surveyors have a great deal of experience in the stowage of cargo and they can make recommendations for the correct stowage which will not only help to prevent damage to the cargo but also the vessel. A stowage survey is normally carried out in conjunction with a condition survey.

Cargo being loaded into the vessel's hold

secured with turn-buckle and shackles

inside the vessel's hold after loading operations


Draft Survey

This is an international commercial custom to determine the weight of bulk cargo based on the vessel's hydrostatic data and is universally accepted as the most efficient and reliable method for the determination of bulk cargo quantities.

Barge Draft Survey

This is a method used to determine the weight on board the barge by physical measurement and subsequent calculation. This method is used in the absence of any displacement scales for the barge.

Break Bulk Survey

This is a survey to determine the condition of the cargo at the time the vessel arrives at the port of discharge and is carried out prior to the vessel discharging. The survey covers the matter of insurance and the carrier's liability and is proof of the cargo condition even if the transportation had been safely and correctly carried out.

Arrival condition of the equipment for Petron Energy Efficiency Project which was shipped
from Bussan, Korea

Damage Survey

When cargoes had been damaged in transit, it is necessary to estimate the extent of damage and where possible to find the cause of damage for any claim for compensation. If the damage is covered by insurance, the survey report is submitted to the insurance company. When a vessel is involved in an accident and general average is declared, we can carry out the required surveys and also give impartial advice and recommendations for the benefit of all interested parties.



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